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Guideline for Data Recovery Client

Welcome and Namaskar - Data Recovery Client,

Firstly do read carefully our one page Data Recovery FIX Pricing based on your Hard disk capacity and Operating system or Device.

When and Why user/client should go for data recovery ?

  • Data is worth and Valuable.

  • It really save the time and penalty from government or other legal matters.

  • Photograph and old document which can’t be re-produced or re-created is priceless.

  • Need data and only DATA.

What is Janitor’s Role ?

Team work on your Media to retrieve the data, Team do their BEST to Salvage all possible data.

Why Cost is higher?

Any service - client feels cost is high - but reality labor, Time and other factors is also costly.

Janitor Data has very simple and honest one page FIX pricing policy , which is on-line, web-published, that to without Technical Terms/Jargon.

USP of Janitor Data Recovery one Page FIX price list:

Easy to understand

Easy to take decision


Easy to follow process

BIG Slides for clarity.

Compare to anyone - it gives all clarity and years of experience to deal with professional company like us.

As client for data recovery - need is for DATA and DATA ONLY - accept our Fix pricing , we can help better.

What is 100% ? - hearing sound good but Very Vague Term - Our Team provides those data  what is found

100% include Software and Program also ?

100% only DATA

100% includes songs / Music / Photo of Other people/Singer


Why 100% Data Recovery is not possible?

  • To the best of the knowledge near to 100% is possible but not 100%.

  • User or owner of the data is not aware of 100% data details.

  • It is difficult to remember or No record of what is on computer is maintained.

  • Cross-linking and De-fragmentation is digital file storage situation wherein due to which user might looses or may not get the required data  more than 2 to 5% in normal case and much more percentage on higher side.

  • Already some expert / un-professional person has tried or made attempt for the recovery. - Expecting Miracle

  • Media is already been opened by some other person.

Data Quality?

Scene 1: No damage, perfectly good quality.

Scene 2: Sometime not always data can’t be retrieved in original format or filename then it needs to recover content wise but no name – after viewing the content user/client can rename the file. In such scenario user will have to put in extra effort to get the correct file name. here as a technically retrieval is possible only content wise only.

Success Ratio ?

1st Case - our team is Accessing first - ratio is 99.99%

0.01% CRITICAL case, Parts are not available, Client gave wrong information.

2nd Case - Our team is Not first to access the device - 70%-80%

Reason : Time and cost constraint, sometime not retrievable, No original parts or Modified

When Recovery is NOT possible?

  • Required Part - NOT available.

  • User / client 

    • fixed or low budget

    • decline due to un-specified reason.

    • Media is password protected or Encrypted (no key is available)

  • Smart Tempering

    • Media  - opened by un-professional service providers.

    • Media - physical scratch on platter or damaged.

    • Media -  abused / water damaged

    • Media  - exposed to sun / heat / magnet.

    • Original Parts - missing or modified

    • Media - purposely filled with ZERO or overwritten with JUNK.

    • Lot of Data Recovery tools are tried or

    • Data is written on same media.

  • Manufacturer Port Locked or Encrypted Device