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JDBPL is an Data Specialist and catering and offering service to Corporate, Bank, Government, SMB, System Integrator s and Home segment. JDBPL is specialist in recovering the lost data from Hard disk, RAID Servers, NAS Box, SAS, RAID Data Recovery, Pen Drive, and Memory Card.

Vision statement

To become India’s premiere data retrieval and data insurance company.


Mission statement

Every hard disk on this planet to be insured by our company.

Growing business through continuous improvement in our services by structured employee training programs and involvement of trusted partner’s network.


We believe in respect for our users

End Users experience is the most important part of Data delivery. JDBPL will never forget that its main focus is the End user.

We believe in good employment

Our employees are our most valuable resource. JDBPL will interact with its employees in the same way as it strives to interact with its customers: following the highest ethical standards and respect of individuality.

We believe in social responsibility

JDBPL will only thrive in an environment where every care is taken to act as a responsible netizen. JDBPL will strive to always act as a pillar of social responsibility in everything it does.

JDBPL promises to always endeavor to adhere to the aforementioned principles, so all JDBPL products will abide by the five S’s: Speed, Size, Security, Standards Compliance and State of the Art technology.


We use state of art technology. Presently we have best of the Infra on scale-able model to cater fastest turnaround time and consistent delivery of quality data

Privacy Policy

The privacy and confidentiality of your data is important to us. JDBPL shall not sell, exchange, trade, rent or transfer your information or your data to any third party for any reason whatsoever, except as required by law.

Quality policy & objectives

We aim at the satisfaction of our customers through continual evaluation and improvement by adopting innovative methods and technologies, to meet the requirements of the global scenario.

With our quality policy, we stress that:

    We make every effort to satisfy the needs of our customers with regard to our products, systems, services, technology and thereby create satisfied customers who will continue to be associated with us;
    Our customers are assured of services that establish good practices in the various fields of work;
    We manage every complaint with responsibility and promptness;
    We are constantly improving our expert knowledge through regular training, innovation, active participation at technical meets, and studying professional publications;
    We constantly provide for the updating of our in-house equipment, working procedures and optimisation of operations with the intention of improving our services and creating a better environment for our staff;
    We create a stimulating working environment, which motivates our employees to achieve greater heights in providing excellent service;
    We monitor and periodically review the quality system, including the policy for the improvement of effectiveness, anticipating problems and promoting corrective and preventive measures.

Data Security

Partly we have implemented the Information Data security for all our clients PAN India. Data Access to our premise to staff is restricted and access is to only authorized personal. Regular audit and refinement is constant process.


Mr. Jayesh Boradia - more than 33 years of experience in Data Recovery. He has very good knowledge of accounts, administration, computer hardware, computer software, system design, MIS systems, Database Systems and computer programming in various computer languages.

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He is in charge of Technical development and implementation of Janitor’s Data Insurance.

Ms Saroj Boradia -  more than 20 years of experience in teaching field and very well verse with Business operations and has rich experience of Accounting and MIS systems. She has implemented the On-line business and listed on all major online shops.

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She is in charge of administration, implementation and after sales support of Janitor’s Data product/services.

Ms Poonam Berry -  more than 20 years of experience. She has done fashion designing and partner in international garment company. She has rich experience of designs, labour handling and creative mind.

Presently she fills up the GAP in developing international market.

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